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Introduction of CPG Reliability and Durability Test Ability

CPG is the Secretariat of Automotive Reliability Technology Committee, SAE-China. We have experienced testing engineers and advanced testing instrumentation. We are able to collect and analysis vehicle loading dates, vehicle corrosion and disassemble analyze, user association with PG dates, digital PG, accurate monitoring management system of durability test and commissioned durability test. We have undertaken many testing requirements from known enterprise and become the reliability and durability testing base for them.

The durability test track including 7.8km high speed oval, fatigue track with more than 50 characteristic pavements, test hills with the slope from 3% to 40% and one winding road in 10%. The abundant types of pavement fully satisfied the requirement of customers from Europa, America, Japan, Korea and Chinese own brand.

In addition, we have vehicle load date acquisition system,vehicle humidity chambers, vehicle salt spray chambers, vehicle positioning and monitoring management system, which could be used for vehicle durability test and monitor the whole progress.



Attachment: Main Testing Capabilities

Main Testing Capabilities

Reliability Tests

Vehicle Road Durability Test

Vehicle Load Date Collection

Formulate the Procedure of Reliability Test

Component Failure Analysis

Correlation between test and customer

Corrosion Tests

Vehicle Corrosion Test

Vehicle Body Compound Salt Spray Test

Vehicle Disassembly and Evaluation

Other Tests

Vehicle Strength Test

Virtual Proving Ground

According To Customer Requirements

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