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Driver Development and Autosport

Relying on professional test tracks and facilities, we set up our Driver Development Center on 2016 and opened up a brand new driver development training and autosport activity. We have cooperated with many top-level training team to create a profession driving development base. Through more communication to explore the key points in the filed of vehicle driving evaluation. By the foundation of primary, intermediate and advanced training system, we successfully meet customer’s requirements on regulatory, R&D and subjective evaluation.

Our dry-handling track is one formula F4 race track built by FIA standard with 16 corners. The 2.15km main track could not only satisfies the requirements for chassis development and handling test, but also could take into account the needs of events and training. In addition, high-speed handling and drift could be carried out on our dynamic platform. Meanwhile, we have straight braking track, high speed oval and straight performance track to meet different driving development needs.

Driving Development Course

The driving development course is our valve-added service. It combines the driving control with the actual test needs. The duration of each course is 1-3 days, the trainees can perform specific exercises such as dry handling techniques, wet handling techniques, vehicle precise control and braking skills. It is possible to conduct training situations by combining with professional testing tracks and facilities of CPG.

Race and Brand Promotion Events

Many events like “China Car Performance Challenge (CCPC)”,“Top Ten Engine Selection of Year”, new product launching, media testing are held in CPG. We could provide a high-class platform for customers in terms of our creativity, strategy, planning and execution.

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