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Introduction of CPG Tire Test Center

CPG Tire Test Center was established at the beginning of 2013, based on the advanced test tracks and facility, tire test center has developed the ability of tire R&D and OE test, vehicle assessment system and EU Tyre Labelling Regulation.


Specific Tire Test Vehicle

Tire Test Center has obtained National Accreditation Laboratory(CNAS L9272), and successfully passed the accreditation of Brazilian INMETRO and SASO of Saudi Arabia. Tire Test Center is also the contracted laboratory with TUV SUD and IDIADA, testing center of China Rubber Industry Association, and could assist customer to apply European Union ECE Accreditation (E4, E9, E13), tire labelling of China, Brazil and Saudi Arabia.

Regarding the R&D and OE test, tire test center has obtained the recognition from the mainstream vehicle enterprises and top 10 tire brands, tire test center is the long-term cooperation partner of Geely, Gagc, FAW, SAIC and Chery, and also provide technical support to Michelin, Bridgestone, Goodyear, Continental, Pirelli, Maxxis and Giti.


Our tire test team takes an active part in the setting of industry standard, the team is the expert stand for China to attend UN WP. 29 GRBP on Nosie & Tyre of UN ECE, GRT 16 of UN TYREGTR and WGWT. The tire test team is also the expert member of China Rubber Industry Association Green Labelling, China Metrology Association etc.,  and create numerous standards.

Attachment: Main Testing Capabilities

Main Testing Capabilities

Objective Tests

Pass-by Nosie Test

Tyre Wet Grip Performance Index

Tire u-s Test

Dry/Wet Braking

Hydroplane Test

Tire/Rim Relative Slip

Vehicle Pull

Tire Impact Test

Tire Puncture Test

Nosie Emitted By Accelerating Motor Vehicles

Vehicle Braking Performance

Vehicle/Tire Objective Maneuverability

Tire NVH Test

R&H Tests

Dry Handling and Stability

Wet Handling and Stability

Comfort Evaluation

Other Tests

Based on customer’s requirement

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